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Realising potential; supporting change

"Our success is based upon the strength of our relationship"

Hello! My name is Sue Burn (nee Hastie) and welcome to my website.

Putting the client first is at the heart of what I do and has led to over 10 years of success for my business.

I appreciate that everyone's situation, requirements, needs and goals are unique, so it's essential for me to understand and consider things from your perspective.  By doing this I can explore options and ideas with you, positively challenge thinking, personalise content and tailor services to ensure the best experience possible. 

Keen to build strong and lasting relationships, my approach includes treating everyone with respect, honesty and the utmost integrity, whether I'm providing psychometric assessments, coaching, hypnotherapy or training.  After all, for the work I do to be most effective, it's important to me that the people I work with feel involved, motivated and engaged.

My style is best described as supportive, encouraging, positive, pragmatic, non-threatening and non-judgemental.

... and my aim:  to encourage your development and growth whilst empowering you to reach your goals.  

What I offer

Assessment and development

Competency development

Identifying potential and building stronger organisations through psychometric assessment and competency development.

One-to-one support

Positive change

Everyone has the right to be the best they can be.  My mission is to enable you to make the positive changes you desire to nurture and achieve your goals. 

Stress management

Stress management

"Stress places immense demands on employees' physical and mental health and well-being, impacting their behaviour, performance and relationships with colleagues."  CIPD, 2017

Project management

Project management

Project management and administrative support to provide the peace of mind you're looking for.

Skills and knowledge

Training and team development

Practical training and support to develop effective teams and individuals.

... and the benefits of working with me ...

Working with me

  • A high quality, flexible approach
  • A strong customer service ethic
  • Ability to get things done to time and cost
  • Working in partnership with internal staff/external providers providing a holistic approach to your clients/customers
  • Skills transfer where appropriate