Areas of work

Assessment and development

Psychometric assessment 

A holder of the British Psychological Society Euro Test User certificate, I provide a range of reputable ability tests and personality assessments to aid recruitment, retention and development processes.  When providing psychometric input for recruitment campaigns, individual and/or team development, I help individuals and clients relate the results to a personal and/or work context, make links to specified competencies and identify areas for development or to be explored further at interview. 

Competency based assessment and development processes

This includes:

  • design of competency based application and sift processes
  • design and delivery of competency based assessment and development centres
  • management and administration of assessment and development centres
  • design and delivery of 360-degree feedback programmes
  • skills transfer to clients where appropriate

One-to-one support

Career development

Helping you to decide, plan and work towards your preferred future.  This may include:

  • career transition
  • identifying your skills, abilities and competencies
  • assisting you to write your CV or complete application forms
  • improving your interview skills
  • developing your skills and level of competence

Personal development

Enabling you to enhance your success through personal improvement.  This may include:

  • increasing your self-awareness
  • confidence building
  • improving your presentation skills
  • becoming more assertive
  • effectively managing change

Life and performance coaching

Supporting and encouraging you through personal challenges and life changes by helping you to:

  • define your goals
  • consider your current reality
  • identify a range of opportunities available to you
  • plan how you will achieve your goals 


Naturally positive outcome focused, clinical hypnotherapy is a safe, natural state where you are relaxed, but in control and your unconscious mind is open to making beneficial changes to your thoughts and behaviour.

Hypnotherapy has both psychological and physical benefits and can help with:

  • improving confidence and self-esteem
  • managing stress
  • coping with anxiety and panic attacks
  • increasing motivation
  • performance improvement
  • pain management
  • changing habits
  • fears and phobias
  • weight management
  • smoking cessation

Stress management

As we lead ever more busy and complex lives, it becomes easy to forget about our own needs and the importance of allowing  ourselves time to relax.  Stress can permeate many areas of our lives, and we often don't recognise how damaging it can be to our health, relationships and happiness until it's too late.  

My approach is holistic and includes helping you to:

  • better understand yourself and others
  • develop your resilience
  • effectively deal with conflict
  • improve your communication
  • learn how to relax

Project management

I offer flexible, efficient and effective project management, programme management and administrative support to meet your organisation's needs.  This can include assisting with proposal, tender and funded training applications.

Skills and knowledge

I particularly enjoy creating innovative, experiential learning partnerships and experiences with clients and delegates.  Projects include:

  • competency based workplace training and assessment as part of the European Social Fund Workplace Training initiative  
  • design of a range of in-house course materials including ICT for employability and communication skills 
  • design of specific training material
  • design and delivery of team building workshops utilising the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • design and delivery of drama based training activities
  • transfer of assessment centre and 360-degree administrative and feedback skills via mentoring support