Effectively deal with change

We all experience change every day, from altering our route to work because of an accident or roadworks, having our desk moved to a new position in the office or starting a new chapter in our lives to losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a major illness or being made redundant. Some changes are exciting, and we take these in our stride. Others can cause fear, resentment, confusion, anxiety, stress and anger and are much more challenging.

Whatever the change, be it exciting or frightening, to negotiate it successfully we need to go through several phases and experience a range of emotions. The speed we travel through change depends on how we view it, how much control we feel we have, whether we have had positive or negative experiences of similar situations and how we perceive the future. Typically, the more positively we see the future, the more control we feel we have and the less difficultly we have with the journey.

Ultimately, whether you view change positively or negatively, it is a life experience we can learn and grow from, building our confidence and developing our resilience.

How I help

Blending elements of coaching, personal development and hypnotherapy,  I will increase your level of awareness and focus on the changes you can, and are prepared to make, to do things effectively in the future.  We will:

  • explore how change effects and impacts on you
  • identify possible opportunities and solutions
  • plan how to positively change the things that really matter to you

Gain tools and techniques to:

  • identify how change affects you
  • reflect on previous change experiences 
  • think through the positives and negatives of the change
  • gain clarity on what you can and can’t control
  • identify learning, skills and abilities
  • demonstrate your resilience
  • build your confidence in coping

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