Sue has returned to work with our organisation on many occasions now to support our executive, Board and employee recruitment processes with an end to end psychometric assessment service. Providing guidance, insight and analytics she has ensured that our decision-making process is competitive, robust and successful. Her knowledge of appropriate assessment techniques has helped our organisation adapt in a changing and challenging environment to ensure that our approach remains firmly commercial and viable.

I would absolutely recommend Sue to anybody seeking to employ her assessment services as an energised consultant able to translate recruitment strategies into real-time meaningful activities which deliver impact.  

Jason Fox, HR Manager, Livin

Sue is insightful and pragmatic and has worked with me in a number of guises: collaboration on organisation development programmes, project support and business coaching to explore opportunities and the direction of my own business. Sue exhibits the highest levels of integrity and this coupled with insight, business acumen and understanding of people and how to get the best from them has led to us enjoy an enduring and successful professional relationship. I look forward to continuing to work with Sue on further exciting and innovative organisation development projects.   

Sam Patterson, Sam Patterson Ltd

Sue spent time with me exploring my MBTI preferences and although I have done this many times over the previous three decades, she really helped me to explore this at a much deeper level and to reach greater cognition.  This has aided me in better understanding my team members and other key people with whom I work, in turn strengthening these relationships.  We also explored values-in-practice and contrasted this with my espoused values, which has helped me to identify dissonance and thus become a more authentic leader.  I have recommended Sue to several other people and they have all been delighted with her understanding, help and guidance.  

Nick Mapletoft, Principal & CEO, University Central Quayside

As a recruitment firm, we have relied on Sue for both internal support for our own recruitment process and employee development and to support our clients' recruitment processes for over ten years. Sue offers a professional, adaptable, flexible and personal service. She is an absolute expert in her field and always goes the extra mile to ensure that, as a client, we get the best from the service she provides. Sue is a true partner with our business, understanding the requirements, culture and broader commercial environment we operate within to find the right solutions to support the growth of our business. 


Suezanne Bennett, Group HR Adviser, NWG 

We have recently re-engaged Sue to project manage a funded learning project and found her to be reliable, professional and diligent in every aspect of her work. She has a fantastic set of communication skills and is able to adapt to the needs of the wider team. I would strongly recommend her.

Pauline Wonders, Strategic Director, Family Gateway

Sue has helped us on a number of contracts since 2012, as a project manager, assessor, trainer and life coach.  Sue's attention to detail is second to none and she is from that rare breed that understands the importance of the quality of training and the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of paperwork on publicly funded training.   Every single thing Sue has done has been on time, on target and on budget.  She is equally comfortable working with students, staff and at director level.  I would not hesitate to recommend Sue, knowing that she would not take on any assignment unless she knew she would excel at it.     

Sean Robson, Deputy Head of School, UCQ

JH, Career development

Sue has worked with me in a coaching capacity on three occasions now; firstly, whilst applying for University, secondly whilst applying for my first job and most recently, when applying for a promotion. 

Each time she took time to understand my needs, asked questions to help me identify and appreciate my skills and abilities and provided positive support, all of which helped me prepare thoroughly and motivated me to give my best in the application and interview processes. 

Overall Sue's style and approach was very calm, positive and influential; I really valued her support and the dedicated service I received was outstanding.

SJP, Hypnotherapy

Sue’s style was one of openness and empathy, skilfully she combined understanding with questioning that was thought provoking and insightful and developed an approach to our hypnotherapy sessions that felt “just right”.  The initial consultation was thorough, and at times a little uncomfortable, because they were important questions - but we did not dig around in the past and previous failures in this area, but concentrated on my goals for now. 

I found the hypnotherapy made my relationship with food much more simple and to be honest changing my behaviour was easy - it felt like I had been “factory reset” and was now able to make the right choices, rather than the other way.  I have also realised that I no longer have unrealistic ambitions with regard to my weight and much more acceptance and less anxiety around the whole issue. 

… Oh, and the hypnotherapy was also wonderfully relaxing and recharged my batteries - win, win, win!

CMF, Life coaching

 After working for the same company for over 20 years, I was made redundant and the prospect of getting back into work was a daunting one; redundancy brought with it feelings of failure and self-doubt. Sue provided a friendly and non-judgemental environment within which I felt comfortable to discuss my anxieties and concerns, some that were long held, in an open and honest way. Challenging my negative feelings, Sue offered support, encouragement and a positive way forward.  

I came to Sue looking for help to get a new job, but ended up with a whole new outlook on life! I'm much more optimistic about the future, much more motivated to deal with new challenges and more content within myself.

SC, Hypnotherapy

So.... my updates went well, I still felt a bit nervous and a little anxious beforehand and when I first started but got in to a flow.

I tried doing my notes in a mind map way and I really liked that approach, so I’ll keep evolving that ... thinking calm helped too. All these little tools are things I can continue to use and practice.

I’m feeling very positive so thank you again for your time.

LH, Life coaching

Sometimes in life, certain events can throw you off course and no matter what, you cannot find an answer or solution. You become stuck and are unable to progress... Let Sue take you on a journey of discovery and you will never look back!

My confidence and self-esteem has returned, I believe in myself and my abilities … and I have new business! Thank you Sue for your time, patience, guidance and support; I could not have done this without you.

AM, Hypnotherapy

I came for hypnotherapy some time ago now, regarding public speaking/presentation.

I had my presentation at college today, and I was really pleased (and relieved) with how well it went.

I’d like to thank you for the recording, which I have played numerous times. I do believe this has helped me.

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